Our people help make you more brilliant

Bare Brilliance, is a division of  The Learning Factor – Asia Pacific’s leader in Training Outsourcing. We are a leading innovator in the development of  learning solutions for the 21st century. We empower and prepare business executives professionals and graduates to connect, learn and succeed in the global economy. We work with many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies to strengthen skills, enlighten minds and empower the spirits of their teams. In turn, we know this will help their employers to prosper and grow.

Our global team is made up of some extremely smart cookies who really love what they do. They have worked with businesses of almost every size across the world and they know the best ways to connect people with information and ideas. That’s the principle at the heart of what we do: we connect people, information and ideas and let human potential for greatness take over.

Our head office is in Sydney, Australia – the gateway to the fastest growing region in the world. We work on a global scale and, of course, deliver all our programs in a number of different languages to accommodate our global audience.

You have the potential to become increasingly better at whatever you set your mind to do. Let Bare Brilliance get you on the fast track.


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