How to find an extra hour a day

Finding just one extra hour in the working day could be the secret to getting off the hamster wheel.

Pinpointing daily time wasters could not only make you more productive, but lead to an empowering sense of control and ability to focus.

Transforming from an overburdened worker into an organised leader is all about changing habits,Larry Lucas, director of Frontline Management Institute, says.

“It’s easy to get distracted by all of the little things that come up – let’s face it, there are always things to be done,” he says.

“But if we focus our time on those little things we fail to work on the more important, although perhaps not so urgent things. Success comes from working on the longer term important things as well as dealing with the immediate urgent things.”

Freeing up an extra hour each day can usually be achieved by planning your work at the end of each day for the following day, keeping a tight written schedule, cutting out time wasters and delegating work, Lucas says.

Take a step back from your working day to spot these inefficiencies:

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Here are four really easy ways to stretch your day.

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