11 Clever Ways to Keep an Audience Engaged Without Saying a Word

Just as an image can say a thousand words, hand talkers are communicating far more than they know.

After studying famous TED talks, consultant Vanessa Van Edwards discovered that the ones that went viral featured speakers who used their hands the most. Indeed, an average of 272 hand gestures were used in the least-watched TED talks as compared to the average of 465 hand gestures in the top-ranked ones during the same length of time. 

“When really charismatic leaders use hand gestures, the brain is super happy,” Edwards recently told the Washington Post. “Because it’s getting two explanations in one, and the brain loves that.”

So while talking with your hands is a good thing, it’s also important that they’re saying the right thing. Here are 11 rules of thumb to follow when using your hands during a presentation:

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Hand talkers have a leg up with these public speaking tricks.

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