Five Phrases The Best Leaders Use Repetitively, And The One They Never Say

Have you ever seen someone solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 40 seconds? It’s mesmerizing. Turn. Twist. Turn again. Rotate. Align. Spin. The action goes by so fast, it’s almost dizzying.

How do people get so good at solving those little cubes? It’s not just the principle of “practice makes perfect.” The most avid Rubik’s cube solvers will tell you that they got really good once they understood the mathematical principles of the cube. They know how many rotations are needed to align certain blocks. They understand that the middle block never moves. They count their turns to ensure they’re turning in correct steps. In short, they know exactly how the cube functions, and how to make it work.

The best leaders do almost the same thing. They understand the personality and dynamics of their team. They take the time to get to know individuals and learn their skills and strengths. And then, they use their time-tested strategies—the five phrases below—again and again, to lead the team past any obstacle and empower them to create great work in every situation. In fact, the best leaders use these five phrases repetitively because they are so successful. What are the five signature repetitive phrases of virtuoso leaders, and the one thing they’ll never say? Read on to find out.

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Use these approaches to leadership to become an outstanding leader.

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