How to Make Decisions More Confidently

Doubting yourself can be helpful to ensure you’re coming to the right decisions, but chronic second-guessing will hurt your performance as a leader. 

The more you doubt yourself, the more the decisions you make turn out poorly, Sydney Finkelstein, faculty director of Dartmouth’s Tuck Center for Leadership, tells Harvard Business Review. For example, if you continue to second-guess hiring someone, the likelihood of the new hire succeeding goes way down.

Following your instinct is valuable and can save you time, Finkelstein says. Even if you make a mistake, your gut can lead you to the right decision. Collect your decisions in a journal and record the instances when your gut was right and wrong. This will help you build confidence and stop second-guessing yourself in situations where you don’t need to.

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Self-doubt and second-guessing will hurt your leadership ability.

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