9 Powerful Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Although a lot of people are reminded to be thankful on Thanksgiving, gratitude shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. Showing just a little appreciation for what you have could greatly improve your life year-round. Here are nine powerful ways gratitude can change your life:

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Not only will gratitude affect the quality of your life, it may also change the length of it.

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You Must Develop Diverse, Global Leaders

Walking the tightrope of a global economy is a difficult yet increasingly essential feat businesses must perform to thrive. Those that only cater to one audience have a greater chance of falling behind their competitors and losing market share. 
Implementing sound leadership development is an important strategy to help businesses crack into diverse and emerging markets. Having leaders who understand how a diverse workforce fosters a larger consumer base might seem like common sense, but company executives often overlook the connections between diversity and leadership development, and the business suffers because of it.

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Want to boost the return on your leadership development investment? Make sure to incorporate diversity and inclusion in its design.

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The Simple Technique To Fit A 40-Hour Workweek Into 16.7 Hours

I used to work a lot — 60, 80, or even 100 hours a week.

I let my work be a big part of how I defined myself. I wore those insane hours like a badge of honor . . . I loved telling people how “busy” I was and how much I “had to do”.

Sound familiar?

Looking back, I realize I used my work to try and fill a void in myself. The problem was that this void was like a black hole. No matter how many hours I worked, it never seemed to fill it up. If anything, it made me feel worse.

One day I’d had enough. Truth be told, I’d had way more than enough. I stopped and reevaluated my life, trying to figure out what was important to me, and what wasn’t.

I had to make a big change. I had to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. I needed to optimize my work process to do more in less time.

I needed the Pomodoro Technique. Here’s how this incredible simple time management system changed my workday—and ultimately, my life. I think it can do the same for you.

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This incredibly simple time management system changed my workday.

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Can Networking at the Office Become Too Much of a Good Thing?

In every office, some employees carry a little more sway than others. Perhaps they’ve amassed enough political capital in the workplace to trade favors with colleagues and persuade supervisors to see things from their point of view. Maybe they can schmooze their way through a sales negotiation or exploit relationships with support staff to smooth the progress of a budget meeting.

Recently, some research has suggested that employees who exhibit this type of political proficiency in the workplace also perform better on the job. After all, if politically savvy employees can network more effectively and rally support across different factions of their department or company, it stands to reason that they also have the ability to exert more positive influence over firm-wide affairs.

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It’s generally presumed that employees who accrue political power at work are higher performers. But those who schmooze a little less are actually the best at their jobs.

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How to find an extra hour a day

Finding just one extra hour in the working day could be the secret to getting off the hamster wheel.

Pinpointing daily time wasters could not only make you more productive, but lead to an empowering sense of control and ability to focus.

Transforming from an overburdened worker into an organised leader is all about changing habits,Larry Lucas, director of Frontline Management Institute, says.

“It’s easy to get distracted by all of the little things that come up – let’s face it, there are always things to be done,” he says.

“But if we focus our time on those little things we fail to work on the more important, although perhaps not so urgent things. Success comes from working on the longer term important things as well as dealing with the immediate urgent things.”

Freeing up an extra hour each day can usually be achieved by planning your work at the end of each day for the following day, keeping a tight written schedule, cutting out time wasters and delegating work, Lucas says.

Take a step back from your working day to spot these inefficiencies:

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Here are four really easy ways to stretch your day.

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Have you mastered this commonly overlooked career skill?

Chances are you’ve heard a friend complain about having to “manage up.” The act of managing up is often cast in a negative light — an inappropriate act of having to cover for a manager who would have otherwise let things fall through the cracks.

But just as managing down to a team is a complex responsibility that requires much practice, so is managing up. Both are essential skills for career development, and both are far more involved than simply delegating work or picking up an extra project.

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How to learn the art of managing up.

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Is A Higher-Paying Job Worth Extra Stress?

It’s an unfortunate balance that many of us debate: a high paying job or one with a good work-life balance. In an ideal world you could have both, but that’s not the reality for most people.

The answer is heavily dependent on your current finances, your financial obligations, your savings and saving goals, what you want out of your career, and what you care about most in life. It’s also dependent on where you are in your life right now; sometimes that kind of trade-off makes sense at one stage of your life but wouldn’t interest you during another stage

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You love your job, but you’re offered a 50 raise to work somewhere with a stressful work culture. What should you do?

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