The 7 Consistent Routines of Geniuses

1. They like going for long walks.

These people were all prone to the constitutional. They believed that it cleared their brains. Many of them, though, operated before the long walk was replaced by the StairMaster, the elliptical machine, and the, um, hike. It’s understandable, therefore, that walking was one of their few options for exercise. It’s known that Steve Jobs was and Mark Zuckerberg is partial to walks (and perhaps one of these two qualifies as a genius). But wouldn’t it be lovely if there could be a few more beautifully sculpted geniuses for us to look up to?

2. They stop when they’re on a roll.

This is profoundly un-American. Surely, you might think, they’d want more and more of their genius to pour out while they were feeling geniusy. But, no. They always want to leave something in reserve, perhaps to help them get on a roll the following day. The exception to this was Mozart, who apparently just couldn’t help himself.

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A recent book finds that Steve Jobs, Sigmund Freud, and many other exceptional people had several habits and preferences in common.

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