5 Career Questions To Ask Yourself Instead Of, “What’s My Passion?”

For a while now, young jobseekers have been encouraged to find their passion and follow it. Lately, though, it seems as though that advice is falling by the wayside. And for good reason. It isn’t that being passionate about what you do doesn’t matter—far from it. It’s that when the notion is offered up as career advice, it can reek of elitism and ignore the, well, work aspect of work.

Still, many people do nurture a deep desire for a career that fulfills them in some way.

But when it comes down to actually going after a more fulfilling career path, there are better questions to ask than, “What’s my passion?” You need to think more concretely about your motivations, needs, skills, and what you’re willing to do—or give up—in order to find that great opportunity.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.fastcompany.com

There’s a much more practical way to chart your career path.

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