The New Formula for Progress in the Business World

Einstein’s famous theory of relativity (E=MC2) celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. This elegant formula helped us understand how the world works and has impacted scientists and philosophers alike.

The business world has its own formulas for success. Hard work dedication = results. Power = money influence. Big > Small. Fast > Slow. Fancy degree time = corner office.

The thing is, the world has changed. The old rules of business no longer carry the day as we cope with fist-fighting competition, mind-numbing speed, and exponential complexity. Add in macro trends such as global markets, digitization, cloud computing, millennial workforce shifts, mobile technology, and geopolitical turmoil, and you’re wrestling a whole new beast. One that can’t be conquered with some long-expired formula.

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If you’re not actively prioritizing learning, you may be unknowingly falling behind. Near-term competitive advantages come and go, but the learning organization wins in the long run. Push yourself and your team to learn more and learn fast. Set learning objectives. Recap and share lessons learned. Experiment, measure, refine.

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