Six Reasons To Run From A Job Opportunity

It’s easy to miss signals from your body that are trying to warn you away from a bad job opportunity.

Until it happens to you, you might not believe the statement “There are plenty of jobs that are worse than another few months of unemployment.” Once it happens to you, you will understand.

The wrong job sucks your mojo away — your life force. We have had people tell us that six months in a hellish, abusive work environment made them depressed and lacking the energy to job-hunt again. That’s a horrible place to be!

Watch for these six signs to bail on a job opportunity and let some other poor unfortunate take the job. You have too much power to go to work for people who don’t respect you – and who aren’t afraid to make their disrespect evident during the interview process!

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You can easily miss even massive red flags in the job-search process, because your conscious brain keeps yammering at you “Just get a job!”

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