The Only Two Rules You Need To Know To Be Successful In Work And Life

There are three skills you need to be financially successful: making money, keeping money, growing money. James Altucher is mostly only good at making money.

“I’ve had several instances where I’ve started a business, sold it, made a lot of money, and then basically lost everything I made, whether it was $50 million or $5 million or whatever,” he tells Fast Company. “I always have a tendency to lose everything I made.”

There are some simple rules, like drink coffee first thing in the morning and 20 minutes before you write so that it “sets your brain on fire, makes you go to the bathroom, cleans your body out before you set your heart on fire.” Then, there’s his 30% rule, which basically says that everyone should cut or rewrite at least 30% of their masterpiece after they think they’ve finished it.

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Staying focused on the right things can make all the difference.

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