7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting Stuff Done

If you’re like many of my clients prior to them seeing me, you might have a hard time getting started with projects and completing tasks. Maybe you do everything but what you need to be doing. Perhaps you watch TV instead of cleaning your house. You socialize instead of finishing a work project, or surf the Internet instead of writing that business plan you’ve been meaning to do for the longest time.

You essentially avoid that which you deem to be uncomfortable. It’s an adaptive response to stress, fear, and anxiety. The problem with this tactic is, by putting off an important task, it ultimately leads to more stress, greater fear, more anxiety — and of course not completing the task.

This procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and depression — all of which can kill motivation and creativity and perpetuate the unproductive cycle. Poor time management, feeling overwhelmed, unrealistic standards, or just plain laziness are a few possible reasons for procrastination.

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Are you tired of stressing out over your growing to-do list? Learn how to finally get stuff done and be more productive.

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