The 3-Step Plan to Accomplish More By Working Less

When you want to move up in the workplace, your first instinct might be to ask yourself, “What can I add to my plate to impress people and really prove my worth around here?”

That may seem like a smart question to ponder, but in my opinion, it’s not always the right question to start off with.

Instead, here’s a good place to start: “What can I subtract from my current workload so that I can clear away some muck, free up my time and energy, and start contributing at the highest possible level?”

In other words: “What should I be doing less of around here?”

After working as a psychologist and life coach for over 28 years–mentoring super-achievers across all kinds of industries–what I have observed, time and time again, is that the secret to success isn’t doing more. It’s doing less.

Here is a simple auditing exercise to help you critically examine your work week and decide which tasks to keep–and which you ought to delete.

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It’s time to critically examine what you actually do during the week.

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