5 Ways to Make an Amazing First Impression With Potential Clients

The first impression someone has of you can make or break the rest of the relationship.

In fact, studies have shown that people begin to judge others 1/10 of a second after meeting them. This reaction is usually not a conscious choice. It’s a trait left over in our DNA from our prehistoric days when judging someone new was a life-or-death decision.

Not only are first impressions important in your personal life, they’re even more important in your career. Many deals I’ve closed have come down to the sheer fact that people felt more comfortable with my team and me than they did with my competition.

Because first impressions play an important role in a new business relationship, I’ve studied top entrepreneurs and researched how people make judgments on first interactions. Below is a list of five things to do when meeting a potential client for the first time.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.inc.com

Use these research-backed tips to make the best first impression in a new business relationship

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