Why Your Friends Shape Your Happiness, Creativity, And Career

Living in places where awesome people live is awesome for you. For instance, if you live near folks you really love—your family, your BFFs, and the like—then studies suggest you’ll be much happier than if you were all on your lonesome. As well, more and more research is showing that things we used to think were profoundly individual—like health and innovation—are actually quite collective: seems we can’t help but be social creatures.

The most social of these social creatures tend to congregate in social places: you can call them cities. As Enrico Moretti, author of The New Geography of Jobs, tells the Creativity Post, your location dramatically impacts your creativity and productivity, since the place where you live quite literally determines who you can surround yourself with—in a way that not even the Internet can replicate.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.fastcompany.com

The people we know affect us in subtly major ways: for one, they help us land gigs. For two, they shape our behavior: if you’re someone who’s endlessly assessing things, then it’s a good idea to pair up (personally or professionally) with someone inclined toward action (though you may drive yourself crazy for a while). Third, they shape our ideas.

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