5 Habits To Improve Brain Growth

Forget crossword puzzles and brain-training apps. Try these daily practices to truly grow your brain.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.fastcompany.com

We’d all love our brains to process information faster and have better memory recall. While you might think doing crossword puzzles, math puzzles like Sudoku, or brain-training apps will keep your brain in top shape, Dr. Jennifer Jones, a psychologist and expert in the science of success, says there’s no real proof that these can improve your mental acuity. She offers some daily practices that can truly grow your brain:

Brain Growth Habit #1: Rise With The Sun And Go To Sleep Not Long After Sunset.

Moving in your circadian rhythm is the best way to improve your brain power, according to Jones. When our sleep cycle is disrupted, our brain’s ability to process information and consolidate stress is inhibited. “Our cognitive abilities don’t work the way they should,” says Jones.

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