The Best Places to Work for Millennials Like, Whaat?

The reason why the list looked funny at first blush, has more to do with stereotypes of millennials. Specifically, there’s a lot of talk about what they want and everything it takes to keep them happy at work, topics on which has surely written plenty

People seem to think all millennials are working in converted warehouse spaces–drinking beer and playing video games. Employers assume twenty-somethings need an open floor plan and a casual dress code to be happy. The truth is that most young people, like the generations that came before, just want to be respected, paid fairly, and treated like professional adults, even if they’re working in a cubicle in a strip mall.

It’s not a coincidence that a lot of companies with startup mentalities have great employee feedback loops and open communication like No. 61 Newscred’s practice of monthly employee satisfaction surveys and “Happiness Town Halls.” While the company also has ping-pong tables, employees get more satisfaction from a vacation policy that’s simply, “be reasonable.”

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At first glance, Fortune ‘s Best Workplaces for Millennials seems off. Upon closer inspection, however, it all makes sense–and there are some good lessons for business owners in satisfying employees of all ages.

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