5 Powerful Ways to Make Time Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Do you struggle with not having enough time? Does it seem like you can never get all your work done, or find enough time for your family, let alone get the exercise and sleep you need to stay healthy? Do you feel like time is your enemy?

Time is our only truly expendable resource: We may gain any amount of wealth, or success, or employees, or friends-but each of us only gets 24 hours in a day, and only a lifetime’s worth of time. Because time is limited and none of us likes limits, it’s natural to feel that time is out to get us. I feel that way myself quite a lot of the time.

But it isn’t true. We need to change this attitude and start seeing the demands on our time as a good thing in our lives-which is really what they are.

Here’s how to start making time your ally:

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The truth is, a lack of time is never our problem. We just think it is.

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