This Is How to Stop Being a Control Freak

You might not like to call yourself a control freak but you sure do like to know where events are going and feel that you have a handle on all the eventualities. Generally, this isn’t a bad way to operate, but if the description above sounds like you, you’re also no doubt aware of the downsides this sort of personality.

Try as hard as you like, life will still serve up surprises and frustrate your constant desire to be in control. And that can be stressful. So is there a better way? If you’re prone to keeping a firm hand on events, can you adjust your thinking to be less stressed when you sense control, as it inevitably does, faltering?

New research out of Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and Wake Forest University suggests you can. The study compared the effects on mood and well being of two approaches to uncertainty called “primary” and “secondary” control.

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Science explains the mindset you need to adopt if you want to get comfortable with uncertainty.

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