5 Fail Safe Questions for Creating Intentional Leadership

Recently I helped a client get ready for an intense conversation with his team. There’d been some big stuff happening in their division, not all of it great. He had a “state of the union” to deliver as well as some requests. His concern was that if he didn’t handle it well, he’d create a mess, not have any clean next steps, waste time, and ultimately demoralize the team. He was nervous.

My good friend was having a challenge with her son. There’d been tension for a while and she sensed he’d been dishonest with her. They needed a heart to heart. Her concern was that if she didn’t handle it well, she’d create a mess, alienate him, and create even more resistance between them moving forward.

In another land, my colleague’s team was rockin’ it and he wanted to do something awesome for them. His concern was he wouldn’t honor them well enough.

I today am wrapping up a move, throwing my daughter a birthday party, working with clients, and writing to you. I want to make sure that I’m productive AND that everyone feels honored and seen.

Four scenarios — I’ll bet you can plug yourself into at least 3 of them, if not all.

So what to do?

It’s so simple. Happy Monday.

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Ask yourself these 5 questions, create impact, breathe, and have an awesome first day of the working week!

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