5 Things Fighter Pilots Know About Performance Under Pressure

Forget about perfect information.

Lohrenz says that, as a pilot, there is just way too much information coming in for it all to be processed perfectly, or even well. When she was flying, there could be three different people speaking to her via radio, all at once. There were 42 distinct beeps and buzzers that could go off in the cockpit, each indicating something different. She had literally hundreds of knobs and dials to deal with.

And while flying at the speed of sound, her body would be exposed to eight times the force of gravity, draining the blood from her head and upper extremities and causing her toenails to feel as if they were about to pop off.

In short: These were not optimal conditions for decision making. The rule of thumb, Lohrenz says, was that 80 percent was good enough. If you were 80 percent certain of something, you did it.

Source: www.inc.com

Carey Lohrenz, one of the first women to fly the F-14 fighter jet, shares her advice for working through extraordinary pressure.

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