How-To Conquer Short Attention Spans During Presentations

Being compared to a goldfish is not a good thing. Goldfish are given away in plastic bags in exchange for pocket change at fairs. If your new pet goldfish dies, most people would suggest flushing it down the toilet, or tossing it in the trash. Kinda sad, huh? The story gets even sadder when you consider that in some situations the human mind is inferior to the mind of a common goldfish, at least in regards to attention span.

Despite occasional inferiority to a goldfish, the human brain is a powerful organ capable of completing complex tasks that require enormous amounts of focus. Thus, if your presentation does not inspire your audience to stretch their attention spans beyond the limits of a small fish, it is your fault. Don’t place blame on modern lifestyle habits, or technology. Take responsibility for keeping the audience engaged during your presentation. Use these 5 tips to connect with your audience members, and expand their attention spans to the length of your talk.


Here’s some ideas to make your presentations engaging.

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