How to be truly happy at work, by Chris Gaborit

There have been many letdowns in my life and valleys along the way. I was promised promotions from managers that never eventuated, pay raises that I never saw, and opportunities that never came.

Today, however, I am so happy and where I wanted to be. I am financially blessed and in love with life. However, life was not always so happy. What are the keys to reaching your goals and being where you want to be?

1. Commit to give 100% in all you do.

From the first time in Grade 1 when teams and captains were chosen at school, I wanted to be the captain. I have always wanted to be financially successful and be a leader. Maybe it is because we were so poor as a family that I had to ride my old bike every morning to the bakery to buy 20 cents worth of 2-day-old chook (chicken) bread, which we ended up eating, or maybe because we could not afford real milk or butter.


Have you ever been frustrated because you are not getting the salary you are worth, not being promoted when you thought you deserved to, and had promises from employers broken?


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