5 Networking Secrets From A Professional Spy

Fourteen years ago when I was working in corporate America I began wooing “Big Firm,” a potential new client. I started with a cold-call letter I’d spent an embarrassing number of hours composing. It met with silence.

But like a teen boy crushing, I kept pursuing Big Firm for many awkward months, painstakingly crafting proposal after proposal. These earned me a series of thanks-but-no-thanks replies, each signed by the same guy. We’ll call him “John.”

I studied Big Firm and sussed out that John was a mid-level but well-connected player and, by all accounts, a rising star. I wrote to John directly. Another polite rebuff.

It was time to turn to the darker side of my skill set (I’ve been in intelligence investigations for 23 years).

Source: www.fastcompany.com

A private investigator shares his tactics for cracking even the most difficult career connection.


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