4 Keys To Delivering Constructive Employee Feedback

It’s nauseating to see a leader avoid giving negative feedback because they’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. They do so because they might receive negative feedback themselves that they were too direct in delivering their message. So rather than going the direct route, they water down their message until it’s a mealy-mouthed stream of meaningless jargon.

Do you want to follow a leader who doesn’t speak his or her mind? Someone who is more concerned with how their actions will be perceived rather than saying what they really think? Do you want to follow a leader who is more interested in doing nothing wrong and hence not doing much of anything? Or would you rather follow someone who takes a stand for what they believe in and suffers the consequences as appropriate?

Source: www.inc.com

Leaders have to stop avoiding conflict and sidestepping tough feedback. Instead, accept that sometimes delivering pointed feedback is in everyone’s best interest.


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