How The Most Successful People Conquer Burnout

Here’s the scariest thing about burnout: It’s easy not to see it coming when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.

After several years of head-down-focused work, day in and day out, you’ll start to feel the rigorous training you’ve forced your body to adopt has taken a toll. You’ll either push through or hit the wall hard. The most successful people have all dealt with this life-work challenge at some point. Below, seven of them share what they did to reset and recover.


Hearing stories of other people’s successful burnouts-turned-comebacks could inspire your own.

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8 Psychological Principles to Make a Memorable Presentation

We all have experienced our fair share of bad presentations. A colleague steps up to the front of the room. He or she presents. We all fall asleep. It’s the plague of the current business landscape.

Why is it this way?

Most presenters are neglectful of how individuals learn. A few years ago, a research team led by Stephen Kosslyn and comprised of experts from Stanford, the University of Amsterdam, and Harvard made it a mission to unpack how presenters could improve in the art of public speaking. What they discovered were 3 steps that go into receiving and digesting information from a presentation:


These are 8 principles that can take your next presentation to the next level if you incorporate them when preparing for your next talk. Check them out.

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The Most Innovative Companies 2014 Breaking Through Is Hard to Do

While innovation continues to be a top-three priority for three-quarters of the companies in BCG’s 2014 global innovation survey, fewer executives are confident in their organizations’ innovation skills. Innovation is hard. Breakthrough innovation is harder. What sets breakthrough innovators apart? And who are the most innovative companies of 2014? The following articles tell the story.


2014’s 50 most innovative companies

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3 Emerging Trends in Talent Analytics « Big Data Made Simple

Human resource managers are currently embracing talent analytics like never before. Companies are evaluating and analysing raw data to derive valuable insights which are helping them to hire the right talent, retain them as well as help them learn and grow internally.

Talent analytics takes into account all the data, rather than limited samples, so a full-fledged picture emerges. It looks for patterns in the data and discovers critical connections that might otherwise go unnoticed. Such data can be related to employees’ pre-employment assessments to background checks to social media profiles.


When big data is tapped, HR managers no longer need to depend on intuitions of interviewers and hiring managers or rely on obsolete hiring tools of yesteryears.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

With more than 259 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals as well as one of the top social networks overall. Are you using it to its fullest potential?

While new social networks are sprouting up constantly, LinkedIn is a powerful platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner.

But the truth is, LinkedIn can be extremely powerful — especially when you’re aware of all the little hidden tricks that don’t get nearly enough exposure as they deserve. To help you master LinkedIn, below is our ultimate list of 35 awesome tricks you may have been overlooking.


LinkedIn can be extremely powerful — especially when you’re aware of all the little hidden tricks that don’t get nearly enough exposure as they deserve.

An Executive Coach Explains How To Master Office Politics To Rise Through The Ranks

For many people, the idea of using office politics to your advantage sounds Machiavellian, as if you need to manipulate, deceive, and destroy on your way to the top.

But you’d be naive to think politics don’t influence your success, and the first step to leveraging them may be to change your definition of politicking.


In every organization small or large, if you want to get ahead, you have to play the game.

5 Justifiable Ways Great Leaders Are Ruthless in Business

It’s often said that even the most respected leaders are considered by many to be ruthless, even brutal at times. Of course, often when leaders are perceived as merciless, that hard perception belongs to those who did not deserve any mercy.

Great leaders have to be tough and decisive. Often their decisions will displease many, but they can’t effectively lead if every decision is the result of democracy or consensus. This is the difficult path for the leader. It’s easy to stay popular when you appease everyone, but rarely will that drive a large organization to success. They must make the best decision taking all the needs and wants into account. Ultimately, they have to lead the way or step aside.

Here are five ways a leader must be uncompromising and perhaps ruthless in order to benefit a loyal following. See if you have the strength to be tough when needed.


Want to get to the top? You can’t be nice all the time. Here are 5 ways you need to be tough. See if you can be ruthless when needed.