How A Culture Of Learning Makes Teams More Productive

Make it okay to ask questions

“We have weekly Q&A sessions where the whole company comes together. This was true when we were 20 people and it’s true now when we’re closer to 100. People can ask questions of [CEO Adam D’Angelo], of other managers, or each other. It’s really about being encouraging of what people what to know about in the company.

The second area is making it okay to ask outside. We feel comfortable consulting with other companies we might have some connections with, where they might have similar challenges, where we might learn if we share best practices with each other. An example: Recently, we hosted a roundtable where startups came to Quora to talk about infrastructure. A lot of us use Amazon Web Services and we were starting to think about how we could improve cost. We wanted to learn from bigger companies and smaller companies what they had taken on.”


So how can encouraging your employees to learn boost productivity? Huang lays out four guiding principles:


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