10 Business Development Techniques to Grow Sales Fast

For a little guidance, I give you 10 lessons from John Whitehead, the fabulously successful former chairman of Goldman Sachs. Besides climbing to the top of the corporate ladder and making billions for his firm, Whitehead stormed the beach at Normandy on D-Day. We should memorize his pearls of wisdom:

1. Don’t waste your time going after business you don’t really want.

We hired a mechanical engineer from West Point this month to help us grow sales. His focus is to help manufacturing engineers in industrial S&P 500 companies understand why Marlin Steel, my company, is better than our competitors. Why? Our clients are not marketing companies, nor are they point of purchase display companies. These folks don’t appreciate quality and engineering. Instead, they are looking for the lowest price. Make sure you point your sales and marketing team in the right direction for profitable business.

Source: www.inc.com

Time to crank up sales. Thankfully, the economy is starting to heat up, and as such, it may be an ideal time to learn how to crank up your sales.


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