12 Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice They Received From A Teacher

1. Don’t Let Bad Days Stop You

“My 12th-grade anthropology teacher told me: ‘When you’re feeling bad, do the work and let the feelings take care of themselves.’ This turned out to be great advice for running a business. Every startup, even the most successful, is a roller coaster. When the bad days hit, you can’t let them stop you. I’ve found that the act of doing the work often makes you feel better.”

2. Be Precise

“My second-grade teacher, Ms. Caruso, gave us a seemingly simple writing assignment: Describe how to build a peanut butter sandwich. On the day we turned in our assignments Ms. Caruso had bread, silverware, and jars of peanut butter and jelly.

Source: www.fastcompany.com

From fostering character to keeping things simple, it’s often words of wisdom that teachers offer during casual conversations or informational sidebars that have the biggest impact on students.


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