The 7 Common (And Totally Avoidable) Mistakes New Managers Make

The transition to management isn’t easy. One study found it was almost as stressful as divorce.

No wonder people screw it up. But while “Everyone certainly has the right to screw up in her own individual way,” says Lindsey Pollak, whose new management book Becoming the Boss is out this month, there are also “classic mistakes” made by “pretty much everyone I interviewed.” Here’s what they are, and how to avoid them:

1. Keeping The Star Mindset

People often get promoted because they are awesome at what they do. But once you’re in management, “your job is no longer to be the star as a contributor. Your job is now to manage through other people’s successes,” says Pollak. This is a huge change in thinking, and unfortunately, many new managers “keep trying to do their old jobs and be a manager at the same time.”


Yes, you were good enough to get promoted but being a manger has challenges you never dealt with when you were an employee.


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