Why You Should Stop Doing Traditional Interviews

When Atlanta, Georgia, based ShelfGenie began franchising in 2008, the custom slide-out shelving company expanded rapidly, landing in 2010 on the Inc. 500 list for being one of the fastest-growing privately held U.S. companies and the third fastest growing franchise. Today the company hits more than $20 million in sales with about 150 locations in the U.S. and Canada. But, as so often happens with companies that see meteoric growth, ShelfGenie plateaued. While the company was still growing at about 6 percent a year and a half ago, that number wasn’t good enough for CEO Allan Young, who looked around at his company which was full of good people who were heroes a few years ago, but now struggling to execute. His goal: To clean house and fill his company with A-Players who wanted to be held accountable for superior results. Here are some of the unusual–even unorthodox–ways he did it with the help of Rick Crossland, a consultant who helps his clients use “Topgrading” techniques to hire talent.

Source: www.inc.com

Looking for A-Players when you recruit who want to be held accountable for results? You’re not going to get them the usual ways.


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