Inside Why Good Employees Make Bad Decisions

Character is the culmination of personality and experiences. Though character is generally stable, psychologists understand that all of us are susceptible to being “nudged” by our environments.

Listen to any well-respected CEO and she or he will place great emphasis on the company’s working environment. A plethora of research shows that the people you work with and the culture you work around will affect your behavior, for better or worse.

In his book Behavioral Ethics in Organizations, Dr. Muel Kaptein gives an astute summation of the scientific literature that evaluates how different surroundings can affect decision making, a topic he first explored in a paper published by the Rotterdam School of Management.

His findings show that the leadership of the company, the values employees share, and the interaction among teams, if handled poorly, can all cause otherwise good people to make bad decisions.


Is it the culture, the time-crunch, or something else making your employees perform below their potential?


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