Why Your Age Matters More Than You Think At Work

For years, offices have been filled with the fresh-faced younger generation who fill the entry-level desks, the established middle who fill the management roles and the older senior executives who are near retirement. But as tech-savvy millennials enter the workforce causing Gen-X-ers and baby boomers to step out of their comfort zones, talk of the generational divide is everywhere.

Recently, national staffing company Spherion released their 2014 Emerging Workforce Study. The study of over 2,000 employees revealed that beyond different communication styles, one’s age also impacts how employees feel about their own career potential and can influence their perception of their coworkers’ and supervisors’ abilities. They found that millennials are more judgemental of the capabilities of their coworkers and more opinionated about their own career opportunities than their older workplace peers.

Source: www.fastcompany.com

Your age might influence where you think your career is going and how fast you think you should get there.


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