Debunking The Myth That All Millennials Are The Same

The Myth

The gross generalizations should raise eyebrows because millennials currently represent 60% of our workforce.

On a positive note, the segment seems to care about the environment. Also, they’re said to be real wizards when it comes to technology including social media.

Ironically though, the tech-savvy millennial set may be inadvertently exacerbating the negative stereotypes via what many construe as a propensity for digital oversharing. It’s as if they want the entire world to know what they’re thinking, eating, drinking, liking, and not liking. And for better or worse opinions about our companies and beloved brands aren’t off limits.


Millennials, in general, have been negatively stereotyped as an entitled, self-centered, apathetic bunch with short attention spans and a questionable work ethic.


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