How To Keep It Together At Work When Your Personal Life Is A Mess

We’ve all been there, even if you don’t want to admit it. It’s life.

And take it from someone who usually has great composure in a professional setting. You can try as hard as you want, bottle it all in, throw on some peppy tunes, but sometimes you just can’t help losing it a bit at work.

I started my first real job in February, and up until about three weeks ago, I was the epitome of professional. I showed up on time, wore appropriate clothing, engaged in meetings, spoke up when necessary, you get the picture. But then Monday rolled around, and I felt like my life (outside of work) had fallen apart. I was knee deep in friend drama, utterly confused about the dating scene in NYC (it’s rough), and I just found out that I was, yet again, roommateless and apartmentless for my impending move in September.


Barely holding it together once you step into the office? Here’s how to cope at work when you feel like your life is falling apart.


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