How Your HR Team Is Setting You Up for Failure

You want a team full of motivated employees and a rocking company culture. You’re doing everything you can, but somehow it’s just not working. Turnover is still high. Employees look good on paper, but seem to get demotivated no matter what you do. What could be going wrong?

Your human resources team could be the culprit. It’s time to take a hard look at your company’s interviewing practices.

Sometimes HR wants to “sell” a really great candidate on the position. So they start telling them all of the great things about being a part of the company or fulfilling the role they’re trying to fill. There’s nothing wrong with that on the surface. The problem arises when HR starts making promises on your behalf. Promises you can’t keep, or won’t keep, for whatever reason.


When employee turnover is high and morale is low, it’s time to take a good look at the promises your human resources department is making to new hires.


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