10 Tips for Being the New Employee

You thought finding a place to sit in the cafeteria as the new kid or struggling to make friends in a new environment was over when you graduated high school–boy, were you wrong. Kids might grow up, but there are still cliques: mean girls, bullies, the cool lunch table. As the new kid on the block, joining a new department or company can be challenging, and not just because you have a brand new job to do. You also need to find your stride amongst your peers while also making a positive impact on the bosses.

And you thought middle school was tough.

Fortunately, you’re older now, presumably wiser, and a lot more confident than you were as a bumbling teen. While every job environment is different, there are some hacks to adapting and fitting in from the start.

Source: www.inc.com

Being the new person at a job is like being the new kid at school.


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