Is Being A Good Parent And A Good CEO Impossible?

Max Schireson, the CEO of database giant MongoDB, is stepping down after four years with the company, citing his desire to spend more time with family. “I cannot be that leader given the geography of the majority of the company in New York and my family in California,” he writes in a blog post titled “Why I am leaving the best job I ever had.” “I decided the only way to balance was by stepping back from my job.” While “spending more time with the family” is often a euphemism for “the company is pushing me out,” that does not appear to be the case for Schireson, who is staying on as vice chairman.

We’re accustomed to women citing family as a reason to pull back at work, but it’s much rarer to hear men admit to the same, as Schireson points out:


Working mothers have been saying for years that they can’t really have it all; now a prominent male tech CEO is joining their lament.


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