6 Ways To Make Your Work More Effective, From Entrepreneurs Who Want To Change The World

How do we tackle the big complex problems of our time–problems like climate change, poverty, and health care? Increasingly, change-makers realize that there is no silver bullet. There is no one individual, organization or sector that can tackle the enormous challenges we face. Instead, a growing number of pioneers are taking on the actual systems that cause these problems.

1: Understand the system you are trying to change. But not too much

Know the territory. Be Janus-faced, looking both backwards at the historical roots of the system you’re seeking to change, and forwards to see how it is evolving. Understanding how a system developed can help you transform it. Systems often “come from the brave choices of people who were themselves systems changers and who might be quite horrified that we are now just . . . accepting the consequences of the decision they fought for” says Julian Corner of The Lankelly Chase Foundation. “We don’t have to be passive recipients of history.”

Source: www.fastcoexist.com

A growing number of entrepreneurs are taking on the underlying systems that are causing the major problems of our time, such as climate change and poverty. What are their strategies


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