Never Forget Someone’s Name Again With This Memory Trick

Sometimes one of the important aspects to career success can be something intangible like how likeable you are.

That vague feeling of goodwill is often determined by how genuine you seem when interacting with others. One of the first steps to showing someone you sincerely care about what they’re saying is remembering what they say–especially their name.

According to a Dale Carnegie training course I took last year, the sweetest sound to anyone’s ear–no matter what language it’s in–is their name. Without nailing down this first step, it can be difficult to move forward in building a genuine professional or personal relationship. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task since someone else’s name often doesn’t mean anything to us (it’s just another word) so it’s difficult for our brains to remember it.


Ever meet someone at a social event and immediately forget their name? Try this technique for understanding and using memory’s nature to your advantage


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