What Millennials Can Teach Boomers About Start-up Success

Last Spring my college son asked me to proofread his resume and critique his cover letter. I scanned his resume but told him I had no idea how to help him with a cover letter. He pointed to my years of experience in writing cover letters, and still I balked.

Here is the problem. My son was applying for jobs that not only did not exist when I was in high school, but they did not exist when he was in high school. These are companies that measure their tenure in months, rather than years. Their dress codes are not established, their cultures are fluid and there is no clear career path. For parents who have mortgages, tuition payments and IRAs in mind, this can be a scary, or at least unsettling thing. But it shouldn’t be.

Source: www.forbes.com

Parents need to understand that their young-adult children don’t want to go to work at a great company they want to create one.


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