When The Lesson About Setting Boundaries Is Learned The Hard Way

Find the right people, right from the start

Catherine Hoke (CEO of DEFY VENTURE’S) says She was desperate to “fill a seat” instead of postponing the search and spending time to find the right person for the job, she admits.

“We ended up compromising, hiring people that didn’t have the attributes I was looking for,” Hoke says. “[It] becomes more costly in the long run.” If a candidate doesn’t have the skills but does have the traits for the job, they can grow into the position, she says. (For example, a salesperson better be a closer, and an assistant needs to be detail oriented.) Having to fire someone sets the organization back and is unpleasant, Hoke says. “[The] pain could be avoided on the front end.”

Source: www.fastcompany.com

Everyone says they want to start with a great team, but when you don’t have the infrastructure, that’s hard to do,


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