4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

1. Teams Always Beat Individuals

Even LeBron James couldn’t beat a five-person NBA team all by himself. Tug-of-war games don’t last too long when it’s nine against one, and your next project will look better and get done faster if you have some help along the way.

2. We Are Constantly Building on the Knowledge of Others

Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have been able to create Facebook if a legion of scientists before him hadn’t first discovered the properties of electricity and then built transistors. And the scrumptious cinnamon roll I had for breakfast this morning wouldn’t have existed if some caveperson hadn’t figured out how to make bread. Thank you, cavepeople!

The point is, every one of today’s accomplishments is only possible because of those who came before us, most of whom helped us without ever knowing that they’d be helping us.

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor‘s insight:

Don’t go it alone. We’re busting the myth of the lone victor, from the wild west to Silicon Valley.

See on www.fastcompany.com


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