How Your Comfort Zone Can Be Your Real Competitor

Competitors are a nice easy target to blame for your lack of success. This is an easy little excuse for avoiding greatness that takes very little effort to think up. “Well, they came up with this idea and now we’re playing catch up…” But why are you playing catch up? Why were you not leading the way in the first place? The answer is you were pretty comfortable with where you were at and were not pushing yourself in the way that your competitor was. Your competitor meanwhile was not sat in his or her comfort zone. In fact your competitor was working on the edge. Your competitor was flying by the seat of his pants. Your competitor was way outside their comfort zone. That’s why they were able to get ahead of you. You can bet that your competitor loves this.

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor‘s insight:

How Your Comfort Zone Can Be Your Real Competitor.

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