Onboarding’s Newest Feature? Videos That Don’t Stink

An employee’s first day on the job doesn’t have to be a paper-cut inducing slog.

“Hi! Welcome to our new company. On your first day, I’d like you to read through these 43 pages of documentation, and decide which health insurance, what 401k plan, and if you want to receive part of your salary in stock. If you have any questions, I’ll refer you back to the documentation. Plus, let’s talk about the employee handbook. We have a lot of rules. Sign this saying you’ve received the handbook.”

Have you been through this type of employee orientation? Did it make you want to tear your hair out? And those types of meetings don’t stop once you’re hired. Every year, there’s some new boring technical meeting or paperwork about your employee benefits. And no one–not even the people who run the meetings–wants to be there.

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor‘s insight:

Here’s how to make employee orientations a lot less onerous–and possibly entertaining.

See on www.inc.com


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