Your First 5 Minutes With a New Hire

OK the following is likely to take more than five minutes no matter what kind of company you run, but what’s important is that you cover it right from the start and that the message is clear to new employees and stays with them.

1. Explain expectations. The future of your company rests in the hands of each hire you make–and you often expect new hires to be both willing and able to deliver on an array of duties to make your business grow. While most new recruits are just as excited for the opportunity to demonstrate their many talents, it’s crucial to communicate your expectations to the new recruit in no uncertain terms, so he knows what is required of him.

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor‘s insight:

You make a new hire and his first day arrives. What you do and say in the first five minutes sets the stage for the recruit to succeed or fail at your company so be clear.

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