How To Use Your Intuition To Get Ahead

“Intuition is real; it comes from memory,” he says. “The brain is always searching for things you’ve known or experienced that are similar to what you’re experiencing now. When it identifies one, it gives you that feeling of intuition or deja vu.”

But the memory could come from anywhere, including a past experience, a friend’s past experience, or even the plot line from a movie, says Duggan. “If you think the feeling through, you might be able to identify where it’s coming from,” he says. “If it’s coming from a science fiction movie you saw when you were 13, it might be a bad idea to listen to it.”

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor‘s insight:

That “gut feeling” is real, researchers say–but do you know the difference between basic, expert, and strategic intuition?

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